I love Ignacio’s classes! In fact i love him! He makes working out fun yet hard and he has so many different exercises up his sleeve. Each class is different and unique. Plus as a bonus, Ignacio is always smiling and laughing and that in itself gives me the energy to go to his classes!

I have constantly been impressed with every class I take at the rec center…whether it’s for me or the children. Keep it up!

 Nancy Gentry

 The kickboxing class combines aerobic exercise and straight-up strength in a unique way that seems to appeal to many people, judging by the fact that the class is full to nearly full each week. Ignacio treats every participant in the class with the utmost respect and encouragement, regardless of fitness or skill level. The participants in the class follow his lead and the result is a very respectful and comfortable environment in which we are able to partner with each other and work together to get the maximum benefit out of this class.

I sincerely hope to continue taking the class and working with Ignacio. He is an excellent inspiration.

Vikki Otero

I am a participant in Ignacio’s Circuit Training class at the South Boulder Rec at 8:30 am, Tues/Thurs.  I wanted to let you know that he is an excellent instructor who combines a really good workout with lots of humor and encouragement.  I am probably the oldest member of the class, but I must say I’m feeling younger and younger!  I’ve noticed my strength is probably better than it’s ever been.  Gardening and household chores seem so much easier.  I really hope you keep this class going, because it’s at a really good place and time to meet my needs.

Emily Miller

Ignacio Malpica is one of Boulder Recreation Center’s greatest assets.  I have been athletic all my life so I have worked with a number of trainers (most casually and occasionally more seriously) and I can honestly say Ignacio ranks at the top.  He is very good at tailoring his classes to each individual’s needs, goals, and abilities.  No one ever feels discouraged or left behind.

People take classes again and again from Ignacio, especially his kick boxing and circuit training classes.  I personally started taking classes over two years ago from Ignacio after my twins were born.  I am currently in both Kick Boxing (and I’ll continue this class for the rest of my life) and Circuit Training and plan to continue with both for as long as they are offered.  I know many members that have been taking kick boxing for years: how often can a trainer claim years-long training relationships as Ignacio Malpica can.

 Kathy Tureck

I entered the class after having knee surgery for ACL replacement and was focused on rehab and rebuilding myself for the coming ski season.  I am 47 and the process at this age is often difficult.  The class is at the perfect time and place for my busy life, getting my kids to school, working out and then going to work and at a price I could afford with my tightening budget.  I ended up being 110% ready for the ski season, am stronger now than I have been in years, lost a little weight and gained core strenght, balance and flexibility.  Staying focused and motivated is difficult and Ignacio is really good at keeping us going.  He provides the right combination of intensity and fun.  ays something nice about you and your services.”​

Samantha Jones, Project Manager​

I am very grateful to the City of Boulder for providing the funding and facilities for Ignacio Malpica to teach his fitness classes.  He is an exceptional teacher.  I am 60 years old.  I have tried other instructors through the city and privately and have found Ignacio’s classes to be the most challenging and the most enjoyable – and he’s able to provide that experience in a class with ages ranging from 20 – 60.  I have signed up for at least 6 consecutive sessions and look forward to continuing to exercise with him.

Susan Tremaine

 I am pleased to have a chance to write about my kickboxing experience with Ignacio.  I use to take women’s kickboxing a while back & thought it was the best thing!  Then, life took over & I found myself not doing too much of anything but maybe a little bit of yoga until my friend told me about kickboxing & said that the instructor was great & I should try it out.  So, I did & I absolutely loved it.  It was so much harder that my previous experience & Ignacio really seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Well, since then, it’s been about a year that I’ve been taking his class & I wouldn’t even think of taking it with anyone else.  He knows how to work with many different people’s & is an awesome instructor; Always trying to advance us in every way.  I am so glad my friend told me about this class because I am finally committed to myself & my fitness levels keep improving.  I wouldn’t miss this class for the world.  I hope Ignacio stays around for a long time. J  Thank you brother man!

 Amanda Brown

I have been taking the Circuit/Weight Training class for women at the South Boulder Rec. Center with Ignacio Malpica since September 2008 and it has made a huge difference in my fitness.  I have had an annual pass to the Rec. Centers for the past three years and have been running and swimming all of my life.  These weight training classes with Ignacio have finally really toned my body for the first time — and, thanks to this class, I’ve finally lost the weight that I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to lose with other classes, running and swimming for years.

I plan to continue taking this class indefinitely and many of the other women in the class are just as committed to it as I am.

Noel Yegian

 Ignacio’s class is awesome.  He does a great job making everyone feel welcome and really pushes us individually.  He doesn’t let anyone slide – but only challenges people to their own ability.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my stamina since I started working in Igancio’s women’s work out (not to mention the last few pounds I have shed and my toned muscles).

Sarah Pew

Hello!  I am currently enrolled in Ignacio Malpica’s Circuit Training Class. It is the most challenging and best class I have taken in many years. Ignacio has an uncanny ability to not only push us to our full potential but also makes us believe in ourselves and what our bodies are capable of achieving. I also have taken Ignacio’s Women’s Workout Classes and they are equally amazing. Ignacio Malpica is an incredible trainer and teacher and I believe all his classes are a great asset to our Recreation Centers and their patrons.

Holly Hanesworth

This is Sukmi Ledru and I am one of the students in Ignacio’s classes.

In the Winter catalog of 2006, I came across a fitness class that really interested me.  It was Ignacio’s kick boxing class.  I am in my forties and had been always a healthy person, but strenuous exercise was never one of my favorite pass time activities.  But I always felt that I needed to get on the regular exercise to stay healthy as I grow older.  So, I had signed up for the class though I was rather apprehensive about the whole experience.  I had wondered how physically challenging it would be and as a person with no regular physical exercise, I didn’t know whether I would be able to handle it.

Since the first kick boxing class in January 2007, I am literally hooked on the high intensity exercise that Ignacio’s classes offer and never missed a session.  Obviously he is a highly athletic and incredibly fit person, but his patience and genuine encouragement towards me and other students are the reason for my success.

Every class he comes up with a new exercise that targets a different muscle group and the sorness I feel for the next couple of days is the reward I cherish.  Now I feel so confident in my fitness level that I ventured into his other classes such as Women’s Workout and Circuit Training.  He is not only the most knowledgeable, competent, and creative fitness instructor I know, but also a very fun person to talk to and to be around.  That makes all of his classes so much fun to attend.  I can say this with absolute certainty because I had taken other fitness classes with little success in the past.

I think that the Boulder Recreation Center offers a lot of great programs.  But I believe it is largely thanks to a fitness instructor like Ignacio.  I do hope that, the Boulder Recreation Center can keep offering his classes.

Sukmi Ledru

I have taken Ignacio’s classes at the recreation center for the past 3 years. His classes have dramatically improved my physical fitness.  His classes are always at maximum capacity. Ignacio is the the loudest buzz around town. He BRINGS business to the recreation center. He is extremely talented in that he has the ability to focus on each individual’s needs; he teaches to a wide range of ages, from high school kids to senior citizens. It’s amazing to take a class like this where everyone of all different ages gets their needs met with an excellent work out. You would never know it if Ignacio were to have a bad day; he always comes to class energized and happy! His energy is contagious and it’s been a great way to start my day for the past several years!  I have a chaotic schedule that changes from month to month. I love that I can always find a class of his that works with my schedule. I have yet to come to a class that isn’t completely full! If anything, he needs more classes and his own space to hold these classes!!!!. He is such a valuable asset to all! There just isn’t enough of him to go around! I’ve taken many classes at the recreations center. Ignacio is a step above the rest! He brings more than a workout to the classes. He brings joy, motivation, laughter, a sense of community and high expectations of physical fitness. Ignacio is an amazing icon for the Recreation center’s goal to provide community fitness! Thank you for your time.

Ashley Kipfer

I am writing to recommend a fitness instructor, Ignacio Malpica.  I began classes with Ignacio at the South Boulder Recreation Center in the fall of 2007.  I was still recovering from major surgery at that point in time, and the early morning weight training/circuit training class at South Boulder that Ignacio taught was perfect.

Enrolling in a weight training class after surgery was a bit threatening.  Ignacio is well trained as an instructor/trainer and this was obvious from the first class. He was able to tailor the program for my level and increase the challenge as I was able to do more.  I observed him providing the same level of care for all class members, even though it was quite a diverse group. I have continued with classes at South Boulder Rec Center since my first class with Ignacio, and all of my registered classes have been with him.

Ignacio brings more than his knowledge to his students. His terrific attitude is authentic and motivates students in a way that is never condescending, only encouraging.  I hope the City of Boulder will increase the classes that Ignacio teaches and continue and increase class offerings at the South Boulder Rec Center.

Nancy Lewis